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株式会社パソナさんの入り口前にて、市川 知之さん(左)と李 妍暻さん(右)

【Pasona Inc.】Part1 – Solving social problems by bringing out the best in people.

In 1976, Pasona Inc. was established to support housewives, who had once left their work to take care of their children, start working again. Today, the company operates in 15 countries/areas and more than 8,000 companies rely on Pasona for various recruitment services, utilizing Pasona’s worldwide network. This time we interviewed Mr. Ichikawa, General Manager of the Global Business Management Division .


【元留学生インタビュー】株式会社ジェイ・エス・ビー・ネットワーク / 語学を生かして、同じ外国人の悩みをサポート!