Career Seminar for International Students at SHIRU CAFE

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|Date&Time|Wednesday, February 13, 2019  14:00-15:00

|Venue|Shiru Cafe International – University of Tokyo

(〒113-0033 東京都 文京区本郷6-18-9スワンレイク本郷1階)


|Number of people|Maximum 15 people *Please sign up in advance!





【Keynote Session (40mins)】

1. Basic information on job searching in Japan

i. Employment culture in Japan

ii. Traits of Japanese recruitment

iii. Selection process

2. Strategy for international students

i. Different strategies according to student’s Japanese language skills and expertise

ii. Concrete methods to start job-hunting – where and how to find companies and positions

【Question and answer session (20mins)】


▽People we highly encourage to join

– International students who want to work in Japan (from fresh man to grad students)

– Those who want to learn what companies value the most when recruiting international students

– Those who need individual support for job-hunting

** This event is open to all international students including those not from the University of Tokyo.