2018/6/6 Career Japan主催!理系専攻留学生向け個別面談会!(Career Japan:Interview Session for Science Students)

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Career Japan主催!理系専攻留学生向け個別面談会!(Career Japan Event:Interview Session for Science Students)

【 理系専攻留学生向けイベント!(Exclusive Event for Science Students!) 】


■2018/6/6(Wed) 12:00 open~17:00 close
神楽坂HCスタジオ(Kagurazaka Human Capital Studio 2‐12 Shimomiyabi-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)


Only for the companies accepting foreigners
Free entrance
Exclusive for new graduates
Pre-reservation required


【対象(All welcome)】
International students who are currently studying science major in Japan as university, technical school or Japanese language school students.
Available to start working between September 2018 and April 2019.
Have at least Bachelor degree and/or higher (including students who are expected to graduate in September 2018 and March 2019.


■履歴書(Japanese Resume)




【参加予定企業(Participating Companies)】
DAISEN CO., LTD./大仙(Construction/建設関連)
MTG INC./MTG(Manufacturing/製造)
NARA MACHINERY CO., LTD./奈良機械製作所(Machinery/機械)
OMORI MACHINERY CO., LTD./大森機械工業(Machinery/機械)
OSHIKIRI/オシキリ(Machinery and Plant Engineering/機械・プラントエンジニアリング)
VALEO JAPAN CO., LTD./ヴァレオジャパン(Automotive Parts Supplier/自動車部品サプライヤー)
YOKOWO CO., LTD./ヨコオ(Electronic Component Maker/電子メーカ